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How to run Internet Explorer in Windows 11

Have a legacy bit of kit that needs ActiveX controls to run? I'm looking at you Hikvision surveillance system...

We all want Internet Explorer to die, but unfortunately there's legacy equipment in the wild that relies on years old ActiveX controls to run. With MS all but burying IE (and rightly so really), I found myself with the problem of not being able to connect my system to an older Hikvision surveillance system to pull up footage.

Fortunately though IE11 is still lurking in the depths of Windows 11, ready to be plugged in with the latest (ancient) ActiveX controls.

To run, simply create a text file and save the following line of code as "ie.vbs":


Double click your newly saved file and you're rocking IE like it's 2013 again.

Seriously though, don't browse the web with this thing. IE has more holes than Swisse cheese. Just use it to connect to legacy things if required like in my Hikvision scenario.