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Quake community links

Here is a list of currently active Quake communities, portals, software and other miscellaneous sites which have helped or inspired me.

The Quake community as a whole is very fragmented, so lists like these help to bind it all together in some way.

This list isn't comprehensive by any means. Bear in mind also there are other Quake communities (like bulletin boards/forums) that were once active that have seemed to have become dormant over the years. I won't list those here, but there is some goodness and historical perspectives on things in the ones that are still online if you look hard enough.

Oh, and I hear there is a strong Quake Discord community, but I can't really comment on that kind of newfangled stuff.


  • Quaddicted (Most of the best (and worst!) maps ever are compiled and hosted here. Great forum community too.)
  • Func_Msgboard (An odd messageboard layout, but by far the most active.)
  • Reddit (The Quake subreddit.)


  • Quake Wiki (.org) (An excellent reference for how Quake works.)
  • Quake Wiki (.net) (A great community resource in its own right.)


  • Ironwail (A modern engine for Quake using the OpenGL API with compatibility with modern Windows and Linux. Use Quakespasm for older computers.)
  • TrenchBroom (For creating Quake maps. It's the best.)
  • ericw-tools (For compiling Quake maps.)


  • The Quakecast (The one and only Quake podcast with dumptruck_ds. Very insightful topics and guest with some of the most important and influential people in the Quake community.)



  • Quake source code (The almighty id-Software's GitHub.)
  • Arcane Dimensions (One of the best Quake mod/map packs in years. For use on modern systems. Words cannot describe, so go play it!)