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Stories from my past relating to Quake.

Bushfires, Qodot, and 3D platformers

At the beginning of 2020, I was just trying to process the catastrophe that was the ‘19/‘20 summer bushfires which had laid waste to much of the bush land near my home on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia. The village I live in was luckily unaffected, but people living in surrounding towns and regions weren’t so lucky. Our landscape was to forever be changed, and I was only beginning to come to terms with the reality of such devastation.

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Time capsule - Quake in PC PowerPlay magazine

Following my last feature, and continuing the theme of Quake appearing in 90s Australian video game magazines, here I present to you some of the Quake articles from the magazine PC PowerPlay. This was the the sister magazine of Hyper which I previously featured, and as of July 2020, is the only Australian PC gaming focused magazine still being published. In fact it has now lived on longer than it's older sibling Hyper which has since been discontinued. PC PowerPlay is today published by Future.

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