Arcane Dimensions


What is

Using my alias s3thra, I started this blog at the beginning of 2020. Around that time I had invested a lot of my time into learning TrenchBroom, creating Quake maps, and playing Quake maps packs. I felt like much of what I'd learnt about the Quake community at the time was worth documenting, so this is where that began.

Since then I've created tutorials, told some stories, made some videos, and expanded into blogging about non-Quake things also. is now just my own little personal corner of the web featuring some useful and interesting (IMO!) content for myself and others.

How is made

Ever wondered how to run a dynamic website without having to write code or without having to run and maintain a web server?

Enter Publii. is run fully from an Amazon S3 storage bucket and published using Publii. Publii allows you to edit pages offline and sync to your S3 bucket (or other online storage space) for changes, new articles, and updates. Secure, simple elegant.

Further security is made by defining Content Security Headers in Amazon CloudFront. Check out any website and its use of CSP by going to Mozilla Observatory.