Configuring Unreal Tournament 2004 for modern Windows

I recently had the pleasure of setting up Unreal Tournament 2004 on my Windows 11 system. It took quite a few steps to get everything set up right, so I thought I'd share what I've done here so anyone else can benefit from it.

Table of Contents

Issues with the vanilla install

The main quirks I found when installing on a modern system were a lack of options for the following through in-game options menus:

  1. modern resolutions such as 2560x1440
  2. proper widescreen support
  3. anti-aliasing
  4. anisotropic filtering
  5. frame-cap of VSync
  6. ability to connect to online servers

The following readme should fix up all of those concerns plus address a few additional things such as low FPS cap during online matches.


Note I installed from my original discs. Remember those? I'm not sure what updates or inclusions have been made to the digital distribution versions of the game.

  1. Install to C:\ut2004.
  2. Install patch ut2004-winpatch3369.exe (get here:
  3. Copy 64-bit client contents into install directory.
  4. Copy contents of foxWSFix-v2.2.0.7z into install directory (get here:
  5. Launch game from 64-bit .exe. run game in DX9 mode.
  6. Exit.

.ini file configuration

Note, these settings are based on my 2560x1440 165Hz monitor, so YMMV, adjust to suit your config.

There's 2 config file located in install directory "system" we need to work with:

  1. ut2004-win64.ini
  2. UT2004.ini


Firstly, in ut2004-win64.ini, make sure of the following entries for resolution:


Multiplayer framerate settings - explained in detail here:



VSync and frame rate limit to keep the FPS in check. AF setting also. These entries will work for other renderers as well:


This needs to be added entirely so a firewall error doesn't appear:


To reduce unnecessarily high GPU usage (explanation here:



Secondly, in User.ini, make sure of the following entry for high FPS in multiplayer:


This is so you can just type "H" in multiplayer mode and FPS will shoot to 144:

H=netspeed 10001

This is for the widescreen fix mod. Find the following line under [Engine.PlayerController] and [XGame.xPlayer] (if it's not under either heading, add it):


and change to:



This can't be done in-game or through the .ini configuration files. You'll simply need to force this through your graphics drivers.


  1. To show FPS in game, type "~" to bring up the console, -> then type "stat fps".
  2. To show network stats, press "F6".

BTW, I installed the game in a VM first and then copied the install directory out to a separate drive on my host machine. If you're doing that, you just need to export the registry entries from [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Unreal Technology\Installed Apps\UT2004] from the client machine and import them to the host and adjust the "Folder" value as necessary.

So after all that, you should end up with a game that looks something like the following: