How to mod Elden Ring

I love Elden Ring. I don't love effects like chromatic aberration and vignettes, artificially limiting the framerate, or sitting through an unnecessary intro every time I launch the game. This is how to fix those things.

As I stated, I love Elden Ring, but I also love being able to configure and tinker with games so I can play them the way I want to play them. This is what draws me to PC gaming - if there's a problem with a game, modders will be able to fix it. Where there's a will, there's a way, as they say.

Upon firing up Elden Ring for the first time, I noticed one of (IMO) the most horrendous trends in modern video games: that damned chromatic aberration effect.

Chromatic aberration on full display
Chromatic aberration on full display

Like my eyes aren't already fuzzy enough, I don't need an additional filter to add to that! Not a problem normally - most games you can just switch this abhorration off in the settings menu. There's an option to turn off depth of field, that's good, but no such option exists in Elden Ring to turn off chomatic abberation.

Ok, mod time.

Enter EldenRingMods by techiew on over on GitHub. The linked page is techiew's source code, but to download the working compiled mod files, you'll need to follow the links on techiew's GitHub page to their corresponding Nexus Mods page.

Firstly though, so you don't run into anti-cheat issues when trying to run the mods, get the anti-cheat mod. Run through the instructions on the Nexus Mods on how to install.

Secondly, you'll need the Elden Mod Loader. Again, follow the instruction on the Nexus Mods page for installation.

Once the anti-cheat mod and Elden Mod Loader are installed to your Elden Ring installation directory, download and extract your desired mods to the installation directory as well. Mods I use are:

But there are other mods, notably remove black bars and increase animation distance if you're using an ultra-wide monitor. Check out the GitHub page for others.

To get everything running and working, you'll need to toggle the anti-cheat by running toggle_anti_cheat.exe. Then launch the game (make sure Steam is open) in offline mode by running start_game_in_offline_mode.exe

Unfortunately running the game modded in offline mode is the caveat unless you want to run the risk of getting banned from online play. I haven't found it to be a major drawback for me playing offline.

At least I don't have to read "Try finger, but hole" messages scattered across the environment, sigh.